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New chapter for Hampden House

Hampden House

In 2022, Elizabeth Finn Homes and our parent charity Turn2us made the decision to sell Hampden House, as it had become increasingly challenging to manage the property from our London-based headquarters, alongside the distance to the remainder of our homes. We always want the very best for our residents and staff, and we have for some time felt that a local provider would be able to offer an even better experience.

We considered a range of potential new owners, but it was HICA’s culture, leadership, and ethical approach that led us to choose them. The HICA Group is a “Not For Profit” organisation established in 1992, that provides a range of care and support services for older people, particularly those living with dementia, and people who live with a learning disability. Headquartered in Hessle, near Hull, the group run an established portfolio of residential care homes, mostly in the East Yorkshire region.

We felt that HICA was a great fit for Hampden House and that they would continue the management practices, standard of care and governance that we uphold at Elizabeth Finn Homes. Chief Executive Terry Peel is very much hands-on and committed to ensuring HICA delivers excellent outcomes for people helping them to have the best quality of life possible. Also, like Elizabeth Finn Homes, as a not-for-profit organisation, any surplus funds are reinvested back into the organisation. The group run a very active social and community programme and place great emphasis on staff training in order to offer high standards and quality of care.

We are confident that they will continue the warm, person centred and professional standard of care that we uphold at Elizabeth Finn Homes. With their portfolio of properties across the Yorkshire region they are well-placed to provide the support and future development required for the home. We completed the sale in September 2023. The employment of all 70 staff was secured in the handover to HICA and General Manager Jane Hooren continues to lead the team.

We’d like to thank the whole team involved in this sale, particularly our amazing colleagues, residents and families at Hampden House who managed the transition and change beautifully.