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Profit for purpose

Elizabeth Finn is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Turn2us, a national charity providing practical help to people who are struggling financially. Each year, we support the charity with 100% of our profits, as well as paying rent to deliver care in their beautiful properties.

The Turn2us story began in 1897, when Elizabeth Finn set out to help people struggling to make ends meet. 125 years later, the charity still works with and for people experiencing financial insecurity by offering high quality information and support, strengthening communities through place- based programmes and helping to build a fair economy through systems change.

Over the last ten years Elizabeth Finn Homes has returned rent and annual profits totalling an average of £3.9 million each year to the charity, underpinning their vital work supporting struggling families across the UK.

Olivia Curno

“We are not aware of any other care home businesses that have our unique charity-owned model. We are run in a commercial way, but our business success brings social good.”

Elizabeth Finn Homes Chief Executive, Dr Olivia Curno


A history spanning more than 75 years

We are an optimistic, future facing company, excited about our next chapter where we can continue to build our services, lead innovation in the care sector and ensure our homes are inclusive places to live and work. We have recently finalised an ambitious new five-year strategy which sets out our plan to work even more closely with our charity owner Turn2us, and become a highly profitable, values-led care home business with social purpose at its heart.

In 1948 the charity founded the Elizabeth Finn Homes business, then still known as The Distressed Gentlefolks’ Aid Association, and which now runs eight care homes across England.

The first home, Merlewood in Surrey, was initially established in response to a shortage of residential accommodation for the elderly. Today, the Homes support Turn2us, with 100% profits being invested into the charity’s work.

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