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Life at Rush Court

We believe in providing the very best in lifestyle as well as care for our residents, and our employees share in the desire to make this a reality through their service delivery and engagement. We seek to employ the best in order to provide the best, and our employees regularly achieve awards in the sector that recognise their achievements in Customer Care and Service Delivery.

As far as is possible we mirror life outside the home, and often go beyond with high standards of cleanliness, restaurant style meals and stylish surroundings. Our staff inject energy, companionship and conversation into their daily care routines and we include residents and their feedback in how we run the home.

Along with our excellent staffing levels, our Homes are supplied with the very best equipment to assist the team in going about their duties and ensuring the comfort and safety of those we care for.

We work hard to provide a range of interesting and stimulating activities and arrange for visitors from the community to entertain, interact and add to daily life and experiences on a regular basis.

There are places to sit for quiet reflection, places to chat with new friends, places to play board games or to share a cup of tea or an evening drink.

Activities at Rush Court

Our social engagement leaders support all staff and liaise with residents to establish their interests in order to develop personal engagement opportunities in addition to a wide variety of entertainment and outings.

There is a continuous programme of events, including a gentle fitness exercise programme and our social calendar is focused on encouraging participation, learning new skills and social interaction.

We often have visitors join us at the home, bringing new talents and expertise to our residents. Working with and reaching out to the local community benefits all those involved.

The gardens are an important part of everyday life with residents taking daily strolls around the circular paths and tree lined gardens that surround the home. There are always plenty of birds and other wildlife to watch, sharing the beautiful tranquillity of these spaces. Residents are encouraged to continue to pursue their passion for gardening, planting and attending to home grown fruit and vegetables.

Regular crafts are a favourite amongst residents and our social engagement team are known to bring the outside in, creating crafts and activities utilising the abundance of seasonal treasure from our grounds. There are regular word games and puzzles and seasonal parties and celebrations throughout the year.

Food at Rush Court

We understand that the dining experience is an integral part of our residents’ lives. Our commitment to culinary excellence reflects our dedication to well-being.

We take pride in our award-winning restaurant-style dining, where delicious meals are carefully crafted to cater to diverse palates and dietary preferences. Our chefs source the finest ingredients to prepare delicious and nutritious dishes with plenty of variety, freshly prepared and using seasonal ingredients, all balanced for health and taste.

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