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Halliwell team

We believe in providing the very best in care and lifestyle for our Residents, and our employees share in the desire to make this a reality through their dedicated care and engagement with Residents. We seek to employ the best in order to provide the best, and our employees are regularly acknowledged for awards and accolades in the sector, recognising their achievements in Customer Care.

Along with our excellent staffing levels, our Homes are equipped with the very best equipment to assist the team in going about their duties and ensuring the comfort and safety of those we care for.

Eileen Allison

Meet our general manager Eileen Allison

Eileen started out as a trainee nurse in 1988 at Bromley School of Nursing in Kent. She qualified in 1991 and worked in many areas of clinical practice where care of the older person was always a focus. Eileen became a ward manager within a local NHS Trust and made an outstanding impression with the care quality commission for embracing her profession and improving the lives of those she cared for.

Eileen joined Elizabeth Finn Homes in 2015 as Halliwell’s Clinical Care Manager and embraced the residential care environment to provide compassionate, clinical and residential care to her residents whilst supporting and empowering her team of care staff to develop and progress their careers in care. In 2019 she became General Manager and is as passionate and committed today as she has always been. In December 2023 Eileen was a finalist in the prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award at The Great British Care Awards.

Our quality of care at Halliwell

Our aim is to provide joy, compassion and the highest levels of care, delivered with kindness and dedication. At all times our residents are supported by caring and committed staff and remain connected to their communities and families.

As an organisation we are driven by a philosophy of exceptional care for the everyone it guides everything we do.

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