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Green Energy at Elizabeth Finn Homes

Care Home with solar panels

At Elizabeth Finn Care Homes, we are delighted to share the latest milestone in our journey towards sustainability. We have recently installed solar panels in two of our eight care homes, marking a significant step in our commitment to greener energy usage. This initiative is not only in line with our new strategic goals but also supports our commitment as a profit-for-purpose organisation. Harnessing solar power is a testament to our dedication to sustainability. By utilising renewable energy, we are able to generate clean electricity and reduce our carbon footprint. The installation of these solar panels is already yielding impressive results, with savings to date of over £10,000. This substantial financial benefit allows us to reinvest in our care homes, ensuring we maintain the high standards we are known for. Our commitment to green credentials goes beyond mere cost savings. As a profit-for-purpose organisation, the savings generated from our solar energy initiative directly support our ethical income model. This means that the funds saved are funneled back into our organisation and help support our charity owners Turn2Us.

Turn2Us is dedicated to fighting poverty in the UK, and our contributions help them provide essential services to those in need. By embracing sustainable practices, we are not only improving our operations but also contributing to a greater social cause. This project aligns perfectly with our new strategic priorities. We believe in the importance of being responsible stewards of the environment while delivering the highest quality care. We are committed to expanding our use of solar power and other green technologies, reinforcing our role as leaders in sustainability within our industry. Our residents, their families, and our dedicated staff all play a part in this journey, and together, we are making a positive impact on the environment. In conclusion, the installation of solar panels at Elizabeth Finn Homes is more than just an energy solution—it is a pledge to our residents, our community, and our planet. We are proud of this initiative and remain dedicated to delivering ethical income, supporting Turn2Us, and driving forward our commitment to sustainability. Together, we are not only caring for our residents but also caring for the future.